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Active Line  

The harmonious and agile drive system

With the Active Line, Bosch is providing the most versatile custom-made solution for modern ebikers, for all day-to-day riding as well as special tours. Its many talents, which include efficiency, reliability, intelligence and quality, are brought together seamlessly and perfectly. The new drive concept combines the performance of Active with that of the ebiker with the utmost precision, generating perfectly metered assistance, with the energy required travelling along in the form of the lightweight, varied PowerPacks. Optionally equipped with a backpedal function, the Active Line guarantees new, unparalleled riding comfort. Its design and ergonomics combine a high level of aesthetics and ease of use, making the Active and its harmonious drive into the ideal system for a wide variety of very high requirements.

Sinus BC30 Sinus BT20 Sinus BC70

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