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PowerPack and Charger

Get far – charge up fast

With 400 Wh, as a frame or rack battery, the PowerPacks in the new Active design stand for an optimised range, for high performance, for extremely low weight and for very comfortable handling.

Thanks to the handle, the frame batteries can be easily inserted and removed. The only thing easier is charging the PowerPacks directly on the ebike. The batteries with unrivalled energy density are protected against overloading, undervoltage, overheating and short circuit by the battery management system. The many qualitative attributes of the PowerPack enable high performance over a long service life.

As lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, the PowerPacks are not subject to self-discharge or memory effect and can also be conveniently recharged directly on the ebike at any time, even when only partially discharged. With the new Charger, charging is not only fast but also easy. The small, lightweight, durable and quiet unit with the new charging plug and convenient hook-and-loop cable is ideal for travel and ensures extremely short charging times: PowerPack 400 are fully recharged again after no more than 3.5 hours. A 50% charge is reached after just 1.5 hours.


Sinus BC30 Sinus BT20 Sinus BC70

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